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Visibility is very important to drive safely. The windshield of your car plays a big part in improving your visibility. If your windshield has three or fewer chips smaller than 6 inches, you should schedule an appointment with a trusted windshield repair replacement service like AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith. Here is why you need to call us for all your windshield repair replacement needs in NJ!

Windshield Repair

Windshield damage is rarely expected by a motorist. Windshield damage is quite inconvenient to the driver as well as the technician who tries to fix it. Full windshield replacement is the answer most of the time. Windshield replacement is expensive. But if the chip or crack is smaller than six inches, we can perform a quick repair to save the windshield. Our trained windshield technicians have worked on thousands of windshields on all types of vehicles each year. We can usually repair the windshield when:

  • The windshield has three chips or less
  • The chip or crack is 6 inches or smaller
  • The damage isn’t in front of a sensor or camera

Repairing your windshield sooner than later is important for many reasons. Chip repairs are affordable compared t replacing the entire windshield. It will cost you almost nothing depending on your insurance coverage. But you have to repair the crack or chip immediately. The more you delay, the more complex the repair would become. The longer you take to repair the crack or chip, the more money you will have to spend. The repair can be done in less than 30 minutes when you take immediate action to repair the windshield. We use only the highest quality materials to repair your windshield. Our exclusive resin is injected into the chip or crack and fully cured. Once the resin is fully cured, it’s polished so that no one can tell the difference. All our repairs are backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty.

When you notice a small crack or chip on your windshield, you shouldn’t delay getting it inspected from a trained technician. If another rock hits the crack, you may have to replace the entire windshield – which would cost you a whole lot of money. We strive to go that extra mile to satisfy the needs of our customers. Your vehicle will be available the same day or the next day at our auto body shop – depending on the complexity of the repair. Call us today for all your windshield repair jobs in NJ.

Windshield Replacement

We have helped millions of vehicle owners every year with windshield replacements. We assist the drivers of most makes and models to find a new windshield at affordable prices. When you come to us for windshield replacement, you can expect:

  • Quality Auto Glass Replacement Services – The quality of the glass is important to improve your safety when replacing the windshield. We deal with high-quality glass replacements for all makes and models of vehicles in NJ.
  • Trained And Certified Windshield Replacement Specialists – All our auto glass replacement technicians are highly trained and certified in windshield replacement services. They have undergone extensive classroom and hands-on training in the profession.
  • Top Quality Windshield Replacement Materials – We use only the best windshield replacement materials in the industry. We ensure a quality windshield installation at all times. Our expert team takes pride in their ability to offer quick and painless windshield replacement services in NJ. Our services will leave you safe on the road. No step will be missed as our team replaces your windshield. We use an extensive process to replace your windshield at an affordable cost.

Rear Windshield Replacement

Is your rear auto glass damaged? If so, you need to make an appointment with AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith in NJ to replace the rear auto glass and enhance the visibility and safety of your vehicle. With us, rear auto glass repair and replacement can be painless and stress-free. We can get you back on the road as little as an hour. When you bring your vehicle to Freehold for a rear auto glass replacement, our specialists will:

  • Assess the damage to the rear auto glass
  • Remove the glass carefully
  • Vacuum the glass particles and debris from the car
  • Install a brand new rear auto glass
  • Ensure all technological process are functional
  • Clean all the glass on your vehicle

Our new rear auto glass comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty for workmanship. We provide the best customer service experience in NJ. That’s why you need to call us for all your rear auto glass repairs and replacements in NJ.

Here, we provide a wide range of services to keep your vehicle functioning properly. We are located in NJ 07728. Call us today for all your windshield repair replacement needs in NJ.

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