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Why You May Need To Take Your Car To A Starter And Alternator Shop

What do you think fires up your car when you turn the key in the ignition lock? It doesn’t start automatically as many think. In fact, the starter of the car uses the battery, spins the flywheel inside, and gives the engine a kickstart to fire up the car. Now that the car is up and running, how do you think the batteries recharge? Well, that is the function of the alternator. It powers up the battery by continually recharging it when the car moves.

Issues with starter and alternator

Like many other car parts, the starter and alternator are not immune to problems. They may encounter several issues that usually stop the car from moving an inch. More often than not, the starter stars wearing down after regular usage. You will soon notice that the car is taking more time than usual to fire up the engine. It makes a cranking noise, and you have to try twice or thrice to start the car. This happens when the components inside the starter don’t make contact with the flywheel at a fast speed.

When the problem grows beyond control, the engine will fail to start. You will only hear a clicking sound while turning the ignition key. If the starter fails to operate, the alternator will also not work correctly. That means the battery won’t get any charge for days. In such as a case, it is wise to take your car to a starter and alternator shop. At AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith, we have technicians who can repair or replace the parts, causing the problem.

Starter and alternator repair

The ideal way to deal with starter and alternator issues is a scheduled checkup. Regular car maintenance is not only helpful for these two parts but also the other components of the car too. However, most of the problems with starters and alternators start with subtle symptoms. You may not be able to understand that the sign is signifying a bigger problem unless the car stops working altogether.

Once you take your car to a reliable starter and alternator shop like AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith, our technician will hook a diagnostic device to the battery, starter, and alternator. This helps to understand the part that is creating the problem. Sometimes a problem in one of the components in the starter can interrupt the alternator and battery also. The technician will compare the different readouts on the device according to the manufacturer’s limit to find the faulty part.

When our expert determines the problematic part, he/she will disassemble that component. The technician will replace the faulty part with a new one if that component’s life is almost over. Our technicians use a socket set along with other hand tools to remove the damaged hardware. Since we are the leading starter and alternator shop, we always provide branded parts whenever there is something wrong with the car. We don’t compromise with the quality of the starter and alternator components just to save a few bucks.

Although starters are usually quite durable, they are the first ones that need a repair. The alternator and battery depend on the smooth functioning of the starter. Batteries can hold a charge for a significantly long time, but since the starter is responsible for firing up the engine, it takes a bit of extra pressure compared to the alternator.

Understand a problem with the starter and alternator

Most car owners who face issues with their car’s starter and alternator question about how to determine a fault in these two parts. The first symptom is cranking of the car while turning the ignition key. Don’t ignore this symptom like hundreds of car owners. Your first job is to bench-test the car’s starter. That will help to understand whether it is the starter or any other part causing the problem.

If the starter cruises through the test, then the cranking issue is from some other component. Those who don’t have a bench-tester should get in touch with us. We will check not only the starter but also the battery cables, battery, starter circuit, and starter relay. Apart from these, the wiring connections can also cause problems with the starter and alternator.

If the starter is not working due to excessive current draw, failure to spin, or low RPMs, it means that you should change the starter altogether. Worn brushes, high-resistance of the starter or even grounds in the coil windings and armature can lead to excessive current draw. Sometimes internal friction to the shaft brushings or magnets can also cause interruptions to the starter. Unless one of our technicians uses a bench-tester, it is tough to understand the exact cause of the fault.

So, don’t ignore the signs of your car cranking while starting. This is a symptom of bigger things to come. Better contact AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith so that we can fix the problem quickly.

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