What’s The Approximate Power Steering Hose Replacement Cost?

The mechanism of cars with a reservoir and power steering pump involve transferring high-pressure hydraulic output to the steering rack that helps to turn the steering wheel. These cars have power steering pressure hoses that can withstand high hydraulic pressure that can withstand accidental cuts, abrasion, and engine heat. But, they don’t last forever. You may find the power steering hose malfunctioning, and it is hard to understand why, because of the subtle symptoms.

Symptoms to replace power steering hose

  • Hose damage

Physical damage to the hose, such as abrasions, heat, cracks, and cuts can stop the car from functioning correctly. At AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith, we take care of your vehicle when there is something wrong with the hose. Our team will inspect the condition and provide an approximate power steering hose replacement cost. Sometimes, a small repair can also do the trick, but when the problem is fairly significant, we recommend replacing the steering hose entirely.

  • Whirring noise from the steering wheel

Do you hear a groaning noise whenever you turn the steering wheel? This is one of the most common symptoms of a problematic power steering hose. It may happen due to a leak in the power steering hose or anywhere in the steering system. The low fluid level inside the steering wheel causes more friction that ultimately leads to the steering wheel making whirring sounds. Our technicians will not only refill the oil but also mend the leak. If the condition is worse than they expect, they will replace the power steering hose.

  • Contaminated fluid

The power steering fluid often contains rubber particles. This is a clear sign of the deterioration of the return hose or the pressure hose. Depending on the condition of the reservoir, we either change the unit or flush the entire system or do both. In most cases, we replace all the rubber hoses and also clean the reservoir. Apart from that, we also install an in-line fluid filter that prevents further collusion between the reservoir and the rubber hoses.

How to replace a power steering hose

Different car models have different types of power steering hoses. That makes it a challenging task for us to figure out how to replace the unit. But, thanks to our experienced technicians, we have not faced any hiccups until now. Our team goes through a routine procedure with every car that involves the following:

  • Raise the car to a significant height. We use steel safety hands to support the vehicle at an elevated position.
  • The raised car allows us to access the banjo-style bolts and hose tube nuts on either end of the pressure steering hose.
  • Once we remove the nuts and bolts, it is only a matter of seconds before we disassemble the pressure. This helps us to inspect the condition of the interior hose lining so that we can provide an accurate power steering hose replacement cost.
  • Considering the power steering hose is no good, we use brand new O-ring seals or a new sealing washer so that the new power steering hose fits correctly. We pay strict attention when it comes to using branded products. AA Auto Repair, Towing, and Locksmith don’t compromise on the quality of power steering hoses. We try to find the same brand, but if we don’t find an exact match, we will provide a warranty on whichever brand of steering we use.
  • Once we replace the power steering hose, we seal the system again. This is followed by flushing the power steering so that it doesn’t have any contaminants left.
  • Lastly, we take the car for a test drive to check if the engine is working correctly. This also helps us confirm that there are no leaks from the power steering hose.

Cost of replacing power steering hose

The power steering hose replacement cost depends on the make and model of the car. As already mentioned, different cars have different types of power steering hoses. We try to keep the cost as low as possible so that you don’t have to think twice before hiring us. The replacement costs of a power steering hose for most of the cars that we handle ranges between $500 and $600. Again, it depends on the condition of your car’s power steering hose.

If we think that only a small repair can fix the problem, we won’t replace the entire unit. But, if our technicians feel that replacing the power steering hose will improve the life of your car, they will recommend the best option. Our power steering hose replacement cost includes the parts and labor charge. So, you don’t have to deal with any hidden charges. We will specify the charges so that you understand what we changed and repaired in your car.


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