How Much Will You Pay For A Towing Service?

How Much Will You Pay For A Towing Service?

Towing is a typical service that many people need to rely on when their car breaks down. Whether your car needs to be towed from your home to a garage, or perhaps from another area where it has broken down, a company that offers a towing service is equipped with the vehicles and tools needed to help tow your car to the desired location. One thing you do need to take note of is the fact that costs can pile up when using this type of service.

Costs For Towing A Car

There are several factors that a company has to take into consideration when they offer towing service. One of the most crucial factors that these companies will usually take into account will be the distance that needs to be traveled.

The further the car is from its destination, the higher the costs will be for the towing service.

People may pay anything from $35 to $125 for a short-distance towing service. On the other hand, when towing is needed over a distance that spans over 100 miles, the costs can easily go beyond the $1,000 mark.

Additionally, the time at which the towing service is needed would be taken into consideration too. After hour towing will be more expensive than services rendered during standard business hours.


A towing service helps to get your car to a repair shop. This ensures your car can be fixed, getting you back on the road as fast as possible. The costs involved with these services do differ, but can sometimes be quite expensive. Consider the factors that may influence the costs and look for quotations from multiple companies to get the best price.