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Nobody likes getting into a sweltering car (especially during hot summer months), making the air conditioning system a crucial component of a vehicle. For a comfortable driving experience, the AC of your vehicle must be in good working condition. The AC might start causing trouble over time. For example, you might notice noises coming out, the AC blowing hot air, etc. During such circumstances, it is a good idea to get it inspected by professionals by taking it for maintenance or auto repair Freehold NJ.

Warning signs signalling it’s time for auto AC repair:

The signs of the AC not functioning properly may be clear such as it still feels like a sauna in your car with the AC on, other times the signs may not be that clear. Make sure to book an appointment if

  1. there’s a strange smell emanating from your A/C vents,
  2. you are not able to feel any air blowing, or the air doesn’t get as cool as it used to,
  3. your A/C is making funny noises.

The certified technicians at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith will make sure your AC is running optimally so that there’s a relaxing environment for a comfortable ride from Point A to Point B.

Our services:

  1. Visual inspection of A/C components
  2. Performance tests including system “state of charge” test & system control test
  3. Carry out leak test using approved electronic leak detector

Car Heater Repair & Service:

When it comes to having a pleasant drive, it’s equally important for your car’s heater to be in good working condition. Anything going wrong with either the air conditioner or the heater, and you are in for an unbearable driving experience in some climates. Your car’s heating system is responsible for cooling your car’s engine on hot days, and the AC system is critically important during the colder months. Moreover, overlooking performance issues, putting off getting them inspected, can lead to expensive repairs down the line.

Signs your car heater needs help:

The first and the most vital sign is you’re still trembling after your car’s heater has been turned on for 10 minutes. Some of the less obvious signs that might not ring an alarm that something is wrong with the car heater include

  1. There’s an unpleasant or foreign smell emanating from the heater vents
  2. The windshield and/or windows are fogging up
  3. Leakage of antifreeze in your car’s interior (check the passenger side floor!)
  4. There’s a sudden need for a ton of coolant

The moment you notice these signs, seek professional help as these are the signs of a failing heater, which can still be managed in the early stages before it actually breaks down. Save yourself from a freezing commute and costly repair bill. Book your appointment with the trusted technicians at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith.

Reasons Why It’s So Crucial To Maintaining Your Car’s AC and Heating System:

Heaters keep engines cool (believe it or not your car’s engine cooling system is directly associated with the heating system) – your engine could overheat on a hot summer’s day and break down completely if not attended to early on, when the car’s heating system does not function properly.

Air Conditioning Helps Defrost Windshield– the AC system helps defrost and defog the windshield. It is time for a mechanic to check for leaks and damage if you come across defogging issues.

Maintenance at regular intervals keeps your heating system functioning properly– checking hoses and belts, and ensuring the antifreeze is clean and filled to proper levels are a part of regular maintenance. The heating system comprises various components including the blower fan, thermostat, and heater core. Minor issues must be addressed right away as repair of components can take days on end.

Regular AC maintenance lowers risk of compression failure– the compressor is the most expensive part to repair or replace, since it is a vital component of your vehicle’s AC system. Regular care ensures proper refrigerant and lubrication levels, minimizing risk of premature compressor failure. An expert mechanic will also identify minor issues like blockages or leaks, which can be dealt with quite easily if caught early on. Not to mention an improvement in your car’s fuel efficiency that visiting a professional automotive air conditioning service ensures.

For a comfortable ride all year long, bring it to AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith for regular maintenance service of your heating and air conditioning systems. We specialize in preventative car maintenance as well as repairs, and our certified technicians guarantees the best performance and comfort over the long term by ensuring your car’s heat and air conditioning are working optimally. Give us a call today at 732-303-0175.

A comprehensive evaluation of heating and A/C system includes:

  1. Examining the internal controls and blower
  2. Checking radiator coolant operating temperature, hoses, pressure radiator cap and thermostat
  3. Inspecting the compressor belt
  4. Inspecting system and seals for leaks or various other damages
  5. A cooling system pressure test
  6. Verifying the A/C pressure meets manufacturer specifications
  7. Measuring the interior vent air temperature

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