Car owners tend to overlook car servicing, not paying much importance to it. Regular car servicing is essential to preserve your car. If you wish to keep the performance of your car at an optimal level and extend the life of the engine, regular servicing is a MUST.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait to take your car in a Freehold auto repair shop:

Increased safety- It is in your best interest to get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals, especially getting a regular oil change, which will ensure your vehicle is safe for driving. Routine checks include checking the brakes, your air and cabin filters, the air pressure in your tires, etc., which ensures there’s no underlying issue that may arrive while you drive. Mechanics will detect any issue right away and take care of it before it turns into something major, which again can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Preserve the value of your vehicle- It is easy to tell the difference between a well-maintained car and one that seems neglected. Taking care of your car becomes even more important if you are looking at selling your vehicle or looking at using the car’s trade-in value at some point in your future when purchasing a new car. A regularly serviced vehicle means a high market value and a better trade-in value. Moreover, taking your car for servicing once in a while is worth spending for.

Reduced running costs- Issues detected on time and rectified on time can save tons of money, time, and most importantly, stress, down the road. Also, getting your car regularly serviced means you won’t be running on low fuel, running on misaligned tires, and running with no coolant. All these can lead to an increase in the amount of money you put into your car over time. The best part is you can rest easy as you drive knowing all the parts are in fine working condition.

At AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith, leave all your stress of having your vehicle returned to its pre-collision condition with us. Contact us at 732-303-0175 for any auto repair Freehold NJ need you have and for any questions you may have about the repair process. From car inspection to towing, we are your one-stop destination for all your vehicle needs. Our certified technicians ensure all of your vehicle’s issues are accurately diagnosed and fixed.

Do not worry about bringing your car down and picking it up, we offer FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY.

Services we provide:

  1. Tune up
  2. Timing belt
  3. Oil change
  4. Warning lights or diagnostic services
  5. Steering
  6. Driveshaft and Axles
  7. Electrical and Lighting
  8. Air conditioning and Heating
  9. Clutches
  10. Power locks and Windows
  11. Transmission
  12. Starting and Charging Systems
  13. Cooling systems or Water pumps
  14. Engine Maintenance and Repair
  15. Brakes

A few car care tips to keep in mind:

  1. Regular oil and filter changes are a must to help your engine and vehicle run smoothly.
  2. Get transmission and differential fluid checked and changed as necessary.
  3. Pay attention to battery life.
  4. Moving components, for example, driveline components, like CV and u-joints, require regular lubrication.
  5. Get brake fluid replaced once a year to keep calipers, hoses, and other components in top working condition.
  6. Power steering fluid and coolant are other important fluids that should be changed at regular intervals.
  7. Make sure the climate control systems are completely functional. It is important for your comfort and overall safety.
  8. Get your tire wheels aligned to your manufacturer’s specifications.
  9. Flush the cooling system and the coolant must be changed once a year.
  10. Keep your vehicle clean (both inside and outside). Hose off road grime, apply wax at least every six months to keep your paint looking good, always park your vehicle in the shade to protect the interior plastic, so on and so forth.

Regular maintenance at 2-4 years interval:

  1. Drain and Flush the Cooling System
  2. Replace the Drive Belts and Hoses
  3. Change the Timing Belt
  4. Change the Automatic-Transmission Fluid

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