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There are a range of issues that can affect the electrical system of your car, starting from a minor irritation to a very serious safety risk. Car owners must seek out a professional inspection on the state of their auto electrical systems from time to time to make any required repairs, which ensures longer service life and extends the value of your vehicle.

For all of your auto electrical repair and maintenance needs- a dead battery, misfiring starter or alternator, blown fuses, frayed wiring, problems with your ECU or overall engine performance- look no further than AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith. Our technicians are certified experts in the auto service industry that services your vehicle with utmost care, offering a high level of workmanship you can swear by.

The electrical system is crucial to a vehicle’s operation and gives power to various components such as the alternator, starter, and battery. It’s true that electrical systems are complicated, however, electrical issues are easier to diagnose and repair with the right equipment in place. This is where professional service providers come in.

Parts that rely on electrical connections to function are:

  1. Battery
  2. Starter
  3. Alternator
  4. Fuel Pump
  5. Coil
  6. Spark Plugs
  7. Rotor
  8. Fuel Injectors
  9. Electric Fan
  10. AC
  11. Heater
  12. Radio
  13. Power Steering
  14. Dashboard lights, and much more.

If your particular electrical issue doesn’t feature in the aforementioned list, fret not, we have seen it. AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith is a reputable auto repair Manalapan NJ shop that will get you back on the road quickly, with the highest level of quality workmanship. Partner with us, our car electrical repair team has the requisite knowledge and experience to find the problem and get the job done right – the first time.

The following signs indicate it’s time to have your electrical system serviced:

  1. you hear grinding, clicking, or no sound as you try to start your car,
  2. replace your car’s battery after four years as a safety measure,
  3. your vehicle’s dashboard lights not illuminating properly, and
  4. your vehicle’s headlights darken as you drive at low speeds.

Our Services:

AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith will diagnose the correct electrical problem quickly using the latest diagnostic tools and accurately both inside and out. We offer complete wiring and ignition services using specialized diagnostic equipment on vehicles of every make and model.

Electrical problems we service include:

  1. Battery Health
  2. Alternator Functionality
  3. Starter Functionality
  4. Fuse Replacement
  5. Powered Windows, Seats, and Mirrors
  6. Exterior/Interior Lighting
  7. In-Dash Indicator Lights and Gauges
  8. Door Locks
  9. Ignition
  10. Hazard Flashers
  11. Cruise Control
  12. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  13. Warning Chimes
  14. Power Ports for Devices
  15. Diagnose Any Other Electrical Shorts

Benefits of a properly maintained electrical system:

  1. Swift starting
  2. Allows for proper alternator/generator operation
  3. Increased starter life
  4. Proper electrical accessory operation
  5. Longer battery life
  6. Longer battery cable/terminal life

You won’t find a more convenient auto electrical repair service:

  1. Save On Time & Money
  2. Experienced auto repair mechanics
  3. Unmatched customer service
  4. Premium electrical parts

Get in touch with AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith at 732-303-0175 to learn more about how our auto electrical repair shop can help you with your car’s electrical problems and get your vehicle back on track as was before. Our Freehold, NJ location is easily accessible to the Central NJ area for services such as Freehold towing, oil change services NJ, automotive repair in Freehold NJ, transmission repair NJ and so much more.

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