Car Maintenance: Preparing For A Winter Storm!

Car Maintenance: Preparing For A Winter Storm!

Car Maintenance: Preparing For A Winter Storm!

When a storm is on its way, car maintenance is very important. Make sure to prep your car with the same vigor as re-stocking the fridge!

1. Be sure you have enough air pressure in the tire while performing your routine car maintenance checks, pre-storm. Tire pressure should indicate the factory recommendation, which differs depending on the car. When outdoor temperatures drop, this causes tires to lose pressure. This is why you should make sure that there is enough pressure before a cold day or winter storm.

2. Have at least half a tank of gas! Don’t forget that when storms get bad, the roads get bad, and you don’t want to end up with little to no gas, waiting on long lines or trying to find a place that is open!

3. Leave your windshield wipers up! Most people find that leaving windshield wipers up before a storm makes it easier to clear off the snow and helps prevent the wipers from freezing onto the windshield.

4. Park safely! Make sure that you know the local parking rules. In our area (Monmouth County, NJ) you are not allowed to park on the streets when it snows, to allow room for the snow plows.

5. Precautions: Consumer Reports recommends taking photographs of your vehicle prior to a storm to make filing damage claims easier to file. It also recommends leaving your important documents in a waterproof container inside the vehicle.

6. Keep a shovel & jumper cables in your car. Be gentle with the door handle when trying to open. If frozen, the handle can break right off!

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