The importance of vehicle inspection cannot be emphasized enough. Most of you will agree that purchasing a car is among the biggest purchases a person makes. Yet, many people take a passive approach when it comes to car care and maintenance. This is where car inspection Freehold NJ comes into the picture, which can keep your vehicle in tip top shape for the longest possible time, and save you from costly repairs down the road. Auto inspections are also a good idea when buying a used car or planning a long trip (in order to have a smooth journey).

Here are some of the benefits associated with car inspections at regular intervals:

Peace of mind– Investing the time and money into a car inspection is worth spending for, which can be instrumental in reducing your chances of breaking down on the way to your desired destination.

Safety– Vehicle inspection ensures your car is in top form at all times. If your vehicle’s ability to operate properly is impaired even by the smallest defect, it will put your and the life of other passengers in jeopardy. Technicians at auto body repair shops makes sure the tires are properly inflated; check brake pads, oil and other fluid level, to ensure complete safety.

Extend the life of your vehicle– Daily inspections will extend your vehicle’s life. Early detection of a malfunction will nip the problem in the bud (small issues won’t turn into bigger problems later), and will save you big money in the long run.

Save tons of money– Car inspections by professionals ensure prompt detection of malfunction which, if repaired on time, will prevent major defects and expensive repairs.

Our multi-point inspection at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith include

  1. Inspect operation of air conditioning and heating system
  2. Inspect brake pads and shoes for wear
  3. Inspect brake hydraulic system
  4. Test emergency brake adjustment
  5. Check shock absorbers/struts
  6. Inspect condition of exhaust system
  7. Visually inspect undercarriage/check for signs of damage
  8. Inspect tires for proper inflation, tread depth, and wear
  9. Visually inspect gas tank for leaks
  10. Visually inspect oil pan for leaks
  11. Check the battery
  12. Check engine oil and filter
  13. Inspect wiper inserts
  14. Check air filter
  15. Inspect PCV Valve
  16. Check transmission fluid level and condition
  17. Inspect belts for cracking, fraying, and wear
  18. Check engine coolant level and condition
  19. Inspect condition of radiator hoses
  20. Inspect condition of heater hoses
  21. Inspect for coolant leaks, radiator, surge tank, and water pump
  22. Test operation of turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and tail lights
  23. Check brake pedal for proper travel

It is equally important that you have an inspection prior to purchasing a used car, which will help identify any underlying issues it may have, thus helping you to make an informed decision in regards to going ahead with the purchase or not. Even a test drive can leave large issues undetected, but a car inspection is one of the best ways to know about any issues that you may not have noticed yet. Often times, catching problems and fixing them right away can save money on repairs that can turn expensive if left unchecked. DON’T FALL PREY, you have the right to request a used car inspection before you buy it. Generally, credible sellers will have no issue with you getting it inspected before committing to the sale.

Pre-purchase car inspection is also very important, since there’s no denying that purchasing a car is one of the biggest investments that one makes. A car inspection ensures you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Thus, pre-purchase inspection, like what AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith- an acclaimed auto repair Freehold NJ shop- offers, is what buyers need before bringing the vehicle home. You must purchase a vehicle from a trusted and reputable dealer instead of any random seller in order to get the best.

The other benefits pre-purchase inspection offers include

  1. Lower maintenance costs
  2. Say NO to any deformation and malfunction
  3. Save yourself from costly repairs in the future when issues appear

Despite these benefits, many people skimp on this process since they do not want to get involved with all the complicated processes and they also think this might cost them a bomb. Contrary to popular belief, getting your vehicle inspected is a highly affordable service.

Here at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith we offer an array of services to keep your car running smoothly each and every day. Our Freehold, NJ location is easily accessible to the Central NJ area for services such as car inspection, tow truck services NJ, oil change services NJ, automotive repair in Freehold NJ, transmission repair NJ and so much more. Contact us at 732-303-0175.

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