Brakes often let you know when they need attention. You might be driving along, and all the sudden you hear that grinding or squealing noise. That’s those brake pads, and it is time to switch them out. Its maintenance is important in helping ensure your safety together with your passengers. You don’t want to keep driving around like that for awhile because you could have an accident.  Also, you could end up needing more than just the brake pads replaced. Stay on top of those brakes. You need to consult a professional technician for a brake inspection. Call us right away.


If you aren’t familiar with where we are, dial 732-303-0175 on your phone. When your brakes start screeching, you will be ready to take action. So will the best brake shop. You shouldn’t even need to schedule an appointment, but it might not be a bad idea so you can get in and out quickly. We know that people are busy, and we know that you are no different.

You need your brakes worked on, and then you need to be on your merry way. How much does it cost for brake maintenance? How much does it cost to replace brake pads? If you want to have some questions answered first, give us a call. We will be more than happy to talk about different services with you. What you could also do is stop by our shop for maintenance and check the place out.

We are a brake shop that is going to be upfront with you. Know about your car’s brake pads, even though you aren’t going to be the one switching them out. We are brake professionals and we are always ready to work on your vehicle.

AA Affordable Auto Repair & Towing in Freehold NJ Brake Services offers:

  • Changing brake pads
  • Replacing brake lines
  • Adjustments of brakes

If you live in Manalapan, Jackson, Brick, Millstone, Marlboro, or Howell come visit us today. We are a quick drive away, in the heart of Monmouth County!