You can reap immense benefits out of hiring a professional auto body shop such as the acclaimed AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith that offers a wide range of services to keep your car running smoothly each and every day, from making the whole repair process smooth to promptly fixing your vehicle back to its factory condition.

You must take your vehicle to an auto repair shop from time to time to keep it in great shape. The shops have certified auto mechanics Freehold NJ  who first will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, accordingly they’ll tell you what issues need to be fixed (if there are any) or if any car part need to be replaced. They’ll communicate everything clearly and charge you fairly.

Auto Repair You Can Trust:

Our mechanics at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith put their 100 percent effort to provide the best level of car care in the industry. Our technicians are certified experts in the auto service industry that will take time to explain your car problem in simple, easy to understand terms so that you can make the most informed decision possible for your situation and budget. They have earned years of experience in technical mechanical repairs whether its’ as simple as an oil change to a complete engine overhaul.

Outlining auto repair we provide:

  1. Exhaust Systems
  2. Filter Changes
  3. Fluid Services
  4. Four Wheel Drive Systems
  5. Fuel Pump Replacement
  6. Oil Service – Lube, Oil, Filter, Safety Inspection, Tire Rotation
  7. Preventative Maintenance
  8. Radiator Replacement
  9. Starters & Alternators
  10. Steering and Suspension
  11. Suspension Repairs
  12. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  13. Tire Service: Sell, Install, Repair
  14. Transmission Service & Repair


  1. Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance
  2. Warning Light Diagnostics
  3. Wheels / Tires Alignment
  4. Wheels / Tires: Mounting and Balancing
  5. AC compressor Service
  6. Air Conditioning Repairs
  7. Axle / Driveshaft Service (RWD, 4WD)
  8. Battery Service
  9. Belts & Hoses
  10. Brake Check & Repairs: Standard or ABS
  11. Brake Fluid Service
  12. Collision Specific Mechanical Diagnostics & Repair
  13. Check Engine Light
  14. Climate Control Systems
  15. Clutch Repairs
  16. Cooling System Repair
  17. Differential Repair
  18. Diesel Engine Repair
  19. Electrical and Electronic Systems
  20. Engine Diagnostics and Performance
  21. Engine Service / Engine Repair
  22. Emissions Repairs

Our services:

Preventative Maintenance

  1. Scheduled maintenance
  2. Tune-ups
  3. Fast oil changes
  4. Hoses/filters

Engine Service

  1. Carburetor Repair/Overhaul
  2. Cooling Systems/Water Pumps/Radiators
  3. Timing Belts/Fan Belts
  4. Fuel Injection Cleaning/Repair


  1. Ignition Diagnosis and Repair
  2. Batteries/Starters/Alternators
  3. Electrical/Lights


  1. Transmission Service/Repair
  2. Clutches/Differential Repairs


  1. Emission testing repair
  2. Mufflers or Exhaust System

Vehicle Customization

  1. Performance Exhaust
  2. Lifts, lowering
  3. Wheels, tires, etc.
  4. Custom Exhaust

Brakes, etc.

  1. Brakes/Shocks/Struts
  2. Tire Sales/Service/Repair
  3. Wheel Alignments
  4. C V Boots & Axles
  5. Suspension and Front-end Repair

Safety & Comfort

  1. Air Conditioning/Heater
  2. Windshields/Auto Glass/Wipers

It is important that you consider professional automotive service Freehold NJ providers, since such auto body repair shops employ only the most professional and experienced technicians, who are well-trained and highly knowledgeable with years of experience of having worked on several vehicles of different models and types. When you hand over your vehicle to them, you can rest easy about the quality of service.

There’s no doubt that your car is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why you should always opt for professional auto body repair shops. AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith offers the best service. Our technicians are certified experts in the auto service industry that possess great expertise, provide convenience, and return your car on time. If you’re looking for all of these qualities and don’t want to pay hefty amounts for small body repairs, hiring us is your ideal bet. We use specialized tools and advance technology to fix your car as per your requirements. We leverage the latest technology and advanced equipment in order to provide our customers the best service at affordable rates.

AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith specializes in repairing all types of auto body damage, and offers car inspection and maintenance service. Go ahead and give us a call today at 732-303-0175 to schedule a free auto body repair estimate! We are open 24 hours.

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