Car Problems That Can Only Be Resolved By An Auto Repair Mechanic

It is very common in almost every corner of the world to see people using vehicles in order to get from one location to another, and the owners of these vehicles are well aware of just how expensive repairs can be when something goes wrong. Many vehicle owners will typically do one of two things when their vehicle is in need of repair. They will either ignore the problem, or try to fix the problem without consulting an auto mechanic.

Some vehicle owners tend to avoid taking their car to the mechanic because they are afraid of the mechanic potentially charging them extra fees that they did not initially agree to. Although auto manufacturers are constantly working to make their products more durable and longer-lasting, there are still plenty of issues that can arise while you own them.

With that said, there may be some minor problems that you are able to fix on your own. However, there are some auto problems that can only be fixed by a certified mechanic.

Oil Changes

Many people prefer to change the oil in their vehicle on their own, but it is highly recommended by both auto manufacturers and mechanics that you bring your car into a repair shop for this service. There are many details and components that are involved when it comes to changing the oil in your car properly.

Each make and model of vehicle requires specific oil and specific oil filters. Other specifications that are critical when changing the oil in a car include adding the right amount of oil in the car as well as the where the oil pan bolt and oil filter are located.

As far as draining the oil and disposing of it, only a skilled and knowledgeable mechanic understands the proper process of doing so. In addition, it takes certain knowledge to know how to lubricate and install certain components during an oil change so that the vehicle will operate smoothly afterwards.

Brake Pads

Although small, braking pads are one of the most vital components of a car. When old brake pads are not replaced, or new ones are not installed properly, the consequences can be fatal.

A trained mechanic knows how to inspect brake pads, brake fluid and the rotors for signs of wear and tear or damage. They also know the right way to replace the worn out parts with new parts.

Timing Belt

If you have been the owner of any vehicle and you have accumulated between 50,000 and 100,000 miles on the vehicle, chances are you had to take some money out of your wallet to replace the timing belt.

Replacing the timing belt is a more expensive repair. In fact, it is not uncommon for the prices of this repair to range from $400 all the way up to $1,000.

Even though this is a repair that can cause you some financial distress, that is not a reason for you to attempt to make the repair on your own. It does not take much to damage the timing belt, and if you do so while attempting a DIY repair, you are looking at a much more expensive auto repair bill than you originally had.

Repairing The Transmission

Just by looking at it, you probably would never guess that the transmission in your vehicle is comprised of thousands of small parts. This means that if you were to make even one tiny mistake during a DIY transmission repair, the entire transmission could become damaged.

These types of repairs are typically on the lower end as far as costs so it does not make a lot of sense to risk damaging the entire transmission just to save a little money.

With a transmission repair, you are certainly better off just hiring a mechanic to fix any of the issues with the transmission. This includes simply issues like a transmission flush or a transmission fluid change.

It is very important that you only use a certified mechanic that is reliable, honest and professional.

Error/Dashboard Message

Does this sound familiar? You get into your vehicle to start it and it does not operate properly. It may be hesitating, stalling or even surging. Then, you look up at the dashboard and the ‘Check engine’ light is bright and shining in your face.

This type of error message is frustrating because it is extremely vague. A ‘check engine’ light may come on simply because you forgot to tighten the gas cap, or it could a warning that something is wrong with the engine. In fact, you could probably spend all day guessing what the problem is and still get it wrong.

Some vehicle owners see that light pop on, and they begin to start replacing parts without getting an accurate diagnosis from a certified auto mechanic. As a result, they may inadvertently cause additional problems not related to the original issue.

Also keep in mind, when you use a code reader to get a diagnosis for a ‘check engine’ light, the reader may only point you in one direction. There may underlying problems that are accounting for this code reader diagnosis.

This is why you should avoid trying to figure out what is going on with your vehicle, and then trying to fix it. Instead, take your vehicle to a certified mechanic. The mechanic will find out what the problem is and any other faulty parts that may be contributing to the issue.

The Cooling System

It goes without saying that you can expect your vehicle to run hot every now and then. It should also be obvious that the overheating will also affect certain components in the vehicle’s cooling system. The parts should be monitored regularly including the thermostat and the hoses. When you begin to notice the initial signs of wear and tear, you should take your car into a repair shop so a mechanic can replace worn and damaged parts.

This type of repair can only be done by someone who has advanced auto mechanic training. Watching a few videos or reading a guide online is not going to help you when your vehicle’s cooling system needs to be repaired.

If the system has already been overheating, this repair will need immediate attention. Because it can be difficult to find out which component(s) are causing the problem, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

The Suspension

On the surface, certain parts of the suspension system may appear to be very easy to fix on your own. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at the bushings, arms or struts, to the untrained eye, it may seem as though all you need to do is replace the faulty part with a new one.

However, before you start switching out parts, know that one mistake could end up leaving you to replace the entire suspension system.

There is a certain process that must be performed when you are repairing this part of a vehicle, and it is very easy for a non-trained person to mess it up. One part of this process is specialized equipment and tools that cannot be accessed by a DIY mechanic. Make sure the job is completed the right way by taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic.

Exhaust System

Is the exhaust system on your vehicle make more noise than usual? One sure sign that the exhaust system on your car is nearing the end is because you will start to notice that your car is becoming a lot louder. Also, any leaks from the exhaust signal immediate trouble and you should take your vehicle to a mechanic at the first sign of leaking.

The two parts that may need to be replaced or repaired are the:

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Exhaust Manifold

Left unchecked, the fumes from the exhaust system can enter into the vehicle and make your passengers very sick.

Avoid buying cheap catalytic converters. The cheap ones do not last very long, and before you know it, you will be back in the mechanic shop for the same repair.

Buildup Of Moisture

If it seems as though the inside of your windshield is constantly foggy or if the car is losing coolant, these are two signs that your vehicle may need a new heater core soon.

This repair should only be done by a professional mechanic even though it is slightly more expensive than other types of repairs.

By ignoring this problem, your vehicle will become less efficient at defogging the windshield. This will result in lower visibility and it can cause you wo have an accident.

Not replacing the heater core can also cause the engine to overheat, and you may have to replace the engine in your vehicle.

Vehicle owners should know that even a tiny pinhole can cause issues with the heater core. The problem should not be ignored because this part is located under the dashboard. A high-quality unit should be used to replace the damaged heater core so you will not have to deal with the same repair in a short amount of time.

Some of these car problems have costly repairs. But, you will be looking at a much bigger repair bill if you choose to attempt the repairs instead of hiring a skilled and professional auto mechanic. A mechanic will actually understand what is happening, why it is happening and the best way to fix it.