The Ultimate List Of Auto Repair Tools You Need In Your Garage

It is much cheaper to do your own repairs. Additionally, it can give your bragging rights. Because you can tell your friends what you did. You deserve a nice garage. However, to do an auto repair in your garage, you need the best and affordable auto repair tools.

Here is an ultimate list of auto repair tools you need in your garage.

1. Mechanics Tool Kit

You need a good toolkit in your garage, especially if you are going to work on your car. A tool kit has more than 200 pieces of hand tools. Therefore, it has every hand tool you need when doing repairs in your garage. Some of these hand tools are also perfect for home repairs.

2. Impact Wrench

Use an impact wrench to tighten or loosen rusted or frozen fasteners, large bolts, and lug nuts. It is a power tool, so it provides a very high rotational torque. An impact wrench is much better than the regular power driver. In fact, there is a battery-powered impact wrench, which is perfect for any garage.

3. Tool Box

It is hard to keep track of all auto repair tools in your garage. It is to spend a lot of time looking for a tool in a messy garage. A toolbox helps you to organize all your tools in one place. Thus, you can easily pick a tool you want to use. You just check your toolbox. Once you finish with the tool, return it to your toolbox.

4. Air Ratchet

It is used to tighten or loosen low to medium torque bolts. Do not use an impact wrench to tighten or loosen these bolts. Why? Because an impact wrench can over-torque the bolts snapping off studs or studs. Or it can cause damages to the threads. Also, air ratchet is perfect for ramming a cross-threaded bolt.

5. Floor Jack

It is hard to fix a car that is resting on its wheel, especially if you do not have the right tools. To make this work easier, get a floor jack. A floor jack is perfect for most cars because of its three and a half tonne capacity. Have a heavier vehicle? If yes, then get a lighter aluminum jack instead.

6. Flex-Head Ratchet

This is another perfect auto tool for any garage. It allows you to squeeze into tight spaces. The flex feature makes it easier to loosen fasteners and spark plugs. Additionally, it has a large plastic handle that lets you put more effort to loosen the fastener. You can use it to spin bolts and nuts in seconds.

7. Jack Stands

What is the use of a jack? To lift and lower heavy objects. However, it is not used to hold a car in the air. If you want to do repairs under your car, you need two pairs of jack stands. Therefore, buy jack stands, which are rated for your vehicle’s weight.

8. Automotive Stethoscope

An automotive stethoscope is perfect for finding and fixing strange car noises. Do not try to guess the cause of the noise coming from your car. An automotive stethoscope is an invaluable tool. It can help you find noise coming from your car. Use it to find the source of whirs, clunks, and thumps.

9. Creeper

What do you use when working under your car? Do you lie on your back? A creeper is perfect for working under the car. It has wheels, so you can easily move under your car. Additionally, it can be used as a rolling stool. A creeper can save you lots of time. Therefore, get one for your garage.

10. Extension Bar

There are confined and awkward places in your car your hands cannot reach. Even if you have small hands, they will not reach these places. To avoid wasting your time trying to reach these places with your fingers, use an extension bar. An extension bar can help you reach confined and awkward places.

11. Wheel Chocks

It is hard to keep a car in one place when you are jacking it. It can move forward or backward, especially if the parking brake is not working properly. Do not trust the parking brakes, especially if you are working under your car. Use wheel chocks to keep your car in one place. So, get wheel chocks for your garage.

12. Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is perfect for testing vacuum-controlled motors and sensors, flushing power-steering fluids, and bleeding your brakes. It is a perfect tool for any garage. It can also help you find a vacuum leak. Therefore, look for the right vacuum pump for your garage. And learn how to use this tool properly.

13. Workbench

It is great to have a workbench in your garage. You can work on some things on your workbench. For example, rebuild carburetors on your workbench. Plus, you can place an affordable auto repair on your workbench. It is easy to access the tools that are on top of the workbench.

14. Fuel Can

A fuel can is important because you may want to go and buy gas for a car that has been in your garage for several months. A fuel can helps you fuel your car easily. It is perfect for anyone who loves working on different projects in their garage.

Also, you may leave your car running for a long time while you are working on it. The gas might run out. If you have this can, you will never have a problem getting gas.

15. Fire Extinguisher

It is much better to have a fire extinguisher in your garage. Do not assume that a fire extinguisher is not necessary. A fire can start when you least expect. And a small fire can turn into a big fire in a matter of seconds. The fire can cause serious damages to your property. If you want to stop a fire immediately, get a fire extinguisher.

16. Battery Carrier

Car batteries are heavy. It is hard to carry them. A battery carrier makes it easier to carry a car battery. The battery does not touch your clothes when you are carrying it with this carrier. Therefore, it is safe to carry a battery with a battery carrier. Additionally, you can use this carrier to load in a new battery to your car.

17. Bent-Handle Flex Ratchet

It is hard to use ordinary ratchets. However, the long ratchets do not fit well under the car’s hood. What is the perfect solution? Flex ratchets. They are great for getting into tight places. And it is easier to break bolts with these ratchets because they provide enough leverage.

18. Ratchet Extender

Ratchet extender is perfect when you are working on engine compartments of your vehicle. Sometimes getting the socket into the tight places is impossible. Use a ratchet extender to get the socket into these tight places. Attach the ratchet to one end of the extension. Then, slap the socket on the other end of the extension.

19. Gloves

It is easy to get injured when you are trying to do an auto repair in your garage, especially if your hands are not protected. Protect your hands at all times. Also, some of the affordable auto repair tools are very sharp, so they can pierce your hand. To avoid unnecessary injuries while working, wear gloves. Buy the best gloves online or from a local store.

20. Shop Towels

If you have worked on any car before, you know your hands get dirty quickly. Therefore, buy heavy-shop shop towels for your garage. They are what you need, especially if you are spending every weekend working on your car. It is hard to keep your hands clean when you are working on a car. But these towels can help.

21. Pumice Hand Cleaner

Moreover, when you working on a car, you will touch grease. Removing grease from your hands is hard. And normal soap does not help. Pumice hand cleaner is heavy-duty hand soap. It is perfect for cleaning grease on your hands. Therefore, buy a pumice hand cleaner for your garage.

22. Screwdrivers With Hex Bolsters

Hex bolters are rarely used. However, they are perfect when you need torque. Fasteners get stuck sometimes. When this happens, the fasteners need a little motivation to loosen. This is where hex bolters come in. You may not use them regularly. So, do not assume they are not important. Store them in your garage.

23. Air Tool Holder

Most air tools do not come with hooks. Additionally, they do not stay in drawers properly. An air tool holder can help you hold these tools. It is also perfect for storing keys. You will never miss any tool, which is on an air tool holder. When you just need a tool, you just walk to the holder and pick it.

24. Car Picks And Locks

Plastic bins and slides are used to lock most electrical connectors in modern vehicles. So, it is hard to pick these locks with needle-nose pliers. There are car picks that are perfect for picking these locks. Buy these car picks and locks for your garage.

These are the best affordable auto repair tools that are perfect for your garage.