When traveling on the roads in your vehicle on a regular basis, anything can happen. The key is to being prepared for any emergency situation that might unfold on your way. You cannot predict a roadside emergency, all you can do is stay prepared to deal with such emergencies efficiently.

A car breaking down in the middle of a deserted street is a common issue, but nevertheless is an extremely challenging situation. In such times in the middle of nowhere, panic sets in and most people don’t know what to do next. This is where emergency towing service comes into the picture. The best way to deal with an aftermath of a vehicle accident or auto failure is by getting in touch with a towing Freehold NJ service provider.

Emergency towing services can help you smoothly sail through a crisis situation. AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith offers fast, reliable 24 hour emergency towing service that will not just ease your stress as you wait for your current situation to resolve itself, but also will get you back on the road in a safe-to-drive vehicle in no time.

Ways AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith can help you out:

  1. Emergency roadside assistance is just a call away (our Freehold, NJ location is easily accessible to the Central NJ area for tow truck Freehold NJ services).
  2. Towing and recovery of your vehicle.
  3. An experienced and equipped professional shows up in conventional and flatbed trucks to get you on your way.
  4. Driver either gets you back on the road or tows you to the preferred location (local and long distance transportation of broken down vehicle).
  5. Minimal repairs for everything to get back to usual as quickly as possible.

Reap the following benefits out of choosing the right emergency Freehold towing services:

Minimum Response Time– After you’ve been in a crash or your vehicle has broken down, you don’t want to be waiting for hours on end. The right emergency towing service can rescue you and your car in the least possible time. Call AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith, a trusty representative will show up in a few minutes and assess the situation. You can rest easy as our tow truck driver will handle the situation there onwards.

Utmost Vehicle Care While Towing– If your vehicle is damaged in any way, repairing it might burn a hole in your pocket. With AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith, don’t worry about your vehicle at all. You can completely rely on us in time of need with your vehicle. Our tow trucks will safely pick up and drop off your vehicle at your desired location with the utmost care.

Fairly Cost-Effective– Emergency towing services are a great option whether your car breaks down, or you get involved in an accident or if you need to recover an abandoned vehicle. Having the latest equipment and techniques to help out customers, you can expect to get the best services at charges that are affordable and reasonable.

Our towing service at AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith has specifically been designed to support drivers with basic day-to-day concerns, including flat tires, car running out of gas on the lane, locked out, drained batteries, etc. During such times, a dedicated towing service will surely come in handy. A tow truck will move your vehicle from point A to point B so that you aren’t left stranded on the roads.

Why Choose AA Auto Repair, Towing and Locksmith:

  1. Trained and experienced Service Providers
  2. Fast response time
  3. Fully insured and licensed
  4. Expert knowledge of local roads
  5. Experts in roadside assistance
  6. Tow trucks are available 24/7

Our Towing Services:

Flatbed towing– we have a fleet of flat bed tow trucks.

Vehicle towing– we offer towing services to light, medium, and heavy vehicles.

Winch out– we can pull your car from out of the ditch with the utmost care.

Wheel-lift towing– we use this towing method to maneuver vehicles out of tight spots. The method involves the metal yoke lifting the vehicle by its tires instead of the traditional hook-and-chain towing.

We are just a phone call away. Contact us at 732-303-0175 in the face of a roadside emergency in Freehold, NJ.

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