8 Helpful Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Windshield Wipers

Are you having issues with your windshield wipers? If you’re having problems like this, you might be wondering things like “should I visit an auto repair shop near me?” You should take the time to address any problems that you’re dealing with, but you should also make sure you take better care of your wipers. That way, you’ll be able to avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

1. Make Sure Your Windshield Stays Clean

It’s only natural that your windshield will get dirty over time. However, it’s important to remember that when your windshield gets dirty, your windshield wipers will be dirtied as well. When you have a dirty windshield, you may also feel tempted to use your blades more frequently. After all, no one wants to sit behind the wheel of a car with a filthy windshield!

That’s why you should make sure you clean your car — and your windshield — on a regular basis. When your windshield is clean, you’ll be putting a lot less stress on your wiper blades, which means it won’t take them as long to deteriorate. If you make sure to clean your windshield, you may be able to extend the lifespan of your blades. If you feel like your wiper blades simply aren’t working like they’re supposed to, you should put in some extra effort and ensure that your windshield is always clean.

2. Take The Time To Defrost Your Windshield And Scrape Away Ice Before You Use Your Wipers

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow during the winter, then you know that your windshield wipers can be damaged in this time of year. Thankfully, a lot of this damage is easy to avoid. For example, you shouldn’t be using your wipers while your windshield is covered in nice. Instead, you should give your windshield time to defrost and scrape away ice before you start running your wipers.

Your windshield wipers are designed to clear away water rather than ice. Your wipers will struggle to clear away ice, and there is a good chance that they will be damaged during this process. If you defrost your ice and make sure you scrape away the ice before you use wipers, then they won’t be damaged. It can be tempting to turn on your wipers, but in the long run, defrosting your windshield is going to be the better option. If you’re in a hurry, you might feel like you don’t have enough time to fully scrape your windshield. If you give yourself a little bit of extra time in the morning, you’ll find that it’s easier to keep your wipers in great shape.

3. Replace Your Wipers Every Six Months

Wipers aren’t designed to last forever. In fact, they aren’t even made to last for a full year. Ideally, your wipers should be replaced about twice a year. You may want to replace them more frequently than that if you notice that your wipers are in bad condition. However, if you follow the maintenance tips listed above and below, you can expect your wipers to last you six months.

A lot of people become upset when they realize how frequently wipers should be replaced. You might be worried that this will cost you a lot of money. You might be asking yourself questions like “Do I need to find an auto repair shop near me?” If you have these kinds of concerns, you should know that wipers are inexpensive, and you can learn how to replace them yourself.

Even if you’re not very handy, this is a job that you can easily take on yourself. Once you figure out how to change your wipers, you’ll be able to handle this take with ease. There are plenty of guides that will walk you through the process if you’ve never done this before. With the right tutorial, you’ll be able to tackle this job as if you were a pro.

4. Don’t Run Your Wipers If Your Windshield Is Dry

If your windshield is dirty, you might be tempted to use some of your wiper fluid and your wipers to clean off your windshield. However, you’re not going to want to run your wipers when your windshield is still dry. Your wiper blades are designed to be used on wet surfaces, not dry ones.

If you see that your windshield is dirty, then you should clean it without using your wipers. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you can clearly see through your windshield. In emergency situations, you might need to turn your wipers on while your windshield is still dry. In general, though, you’ll want to avoid this practice. Wait until it rains to use your windshield wipers. If you do, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep the blades in good shape.

5. Take The Time To Clean Your Blades

Your blades are regularly going to be exposed to dirt when they’re being used. If you don’t take the time to clean these blades from time to time, you can expect them to get pretty dirty. You don’t have to spend a long time cleaning your blades, but you should make sure that you’re cleaning them on a regular basis.

You don’t have to do anything special when you clean your wiper blades. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you make a point of cleaning your blades once every few weeks, you can expect that your blades will remain in great shape for a lot longer. Cleaning only takes a few minutes, and it’s more than worth the effort.

6. Inspect Your Blades For Potential Problems

If you’re having issues with your wiper blades, you might not always be able to spot the problem if you don’t look for it. “Should I be looking for an auto repair shop near me?” you might ask. The answer to that question is no. You don’t have to hunt for an auto shop. You should be able to spot any issues simply by inspecting the blades.

If you give your blades a visual inspection from time to time, you’ll be able to see if the blades are damaged in any way. If you do spot signs of damage, you’ll be able to replace your blades or repair the damage. Keeping an eye out for these kinds of problems is easy, and it can keep you from having to deal with malfunctioning wipers in the future.

7. Pull Your Wipers Away From The Windshield Before It Snows

If you’ve checked the weather forecast, and you see that a snowstorm is coming, you’re going to want to take a few steps to protect any vehicle that is stowed outdoors. Before the snow hits, you should take the time to pull your wiper blades away from the windshield. If you do this, it will be much easier for you to scrape away ice and clear away snow the next day.

As mentioned above, it’s very common for people to have issues with their wiper blades in the winter. This is one of the simplest ways for you to prevent these types of problems. It’s simple to pull the wiper blades away from your windshield and then move them back into place after all of the snow and ice has been cleared away. Once you get in the habit of doing this, you’ll be able to see that it really protects your wiper blades.

8. Adjust Your Wipers So That They’re More Effective

You don’t have to leave your wipers as is. If you take the time to adjust them, you can make sure that they are more effective. You’ll have a much better experience with your wiper blades if you’re willing to make a few adjustments. Your vehicle might have settings that make it easier for you to adjust your blades. Even if your car doesn’t have these kinds of settings, you can adjust your wipers by tightening or loosening the screws that connect them to your vehicle.

Your wipers might not be as effective as they could be. If you’re willing to spend some time adjusting them, you’ll be able to make sure they’re able to keep your windshield clean. If you adjust your wipers and improve their effectiveness, you may also find that you don’t need to clean them as frequently.

“Do I need to visit an auto repair shop near me?” These are the kinds of questions that people ask themselves when their windshield wipers aren’t working properly. When you know how to take care of your windshield wipers, you’ll be able to spend less time answering these kinds of questions. You’ll be able to keep your wipers in great shape and avoid a lot of problems.

A lot of people have issues with wiper blades from time to time. Thankfully, it’s easy to take care of your wipers on your own. Even if your wiper blades need to be replaced, this is one job that you can handle yourself.